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DIY Wig Install Kit

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Introducing our DIY Wig Install Kit - the ultimate salon experience from the comfort of your own home! With everything you need to effortlessly install and maintain your wig, this kit is a game-changer for all wig enthusiasts.

• Wax Stick: Achieve a flawless and secure hold with our specially formulated wax stick. Say goodbye to any worries of your wig slipping out of place!

• Got2b Gel: Create the perfect foundation for your wig installation with the renowned Got2b Gel. This high-performance product ensures a long-lasting hold without any residue or flakiness.

• Ebin Lace Spray: Get that seamless, natural look with the Ebin Lace Spray. Designed to blend your wig's lace seamlessly with your skin, this spray guarantees a flawless finish.

• Pack of Two Wig Caps: Ensure maximum comfort and security with our pack of two wig caps. These caps provide a barrier between your natural hair and the wig, allowing for a smooth and comfortable fit.

• Edge Brushes: Tame those baby hairs and achieve sleek edges with our two included edge brushes. Perfect for creating a polished and professional look.

• Tweezer: Precision is key! Our included tweezer allows for easy adjustment and placement of your wig, ensuring a seamless and natural appearance.

• Rat Tail Comb: Achieve the perfect parting and styling with our rat tail comb. Its fine teeth and pointed end make it a must-have tool for any wig wearer.

• Hair Oil: Nourish and revitalize your wig with our specially formulated hair oil. Infused with essential nutrients, this oil will keep your wig looking lustrous and healthy.

• Setting Lotion: Lock in your desired style with our setting lotion. Whether you prefer sleek and straight or bouncy curls, this lotion will ensure your wig stays in place all day long.

With our DIY Wig Install Kit, you can now effortlessly transform your look and achieve salon-quality results at home. Say goodbye to expensive salon visits and hello to convenience and professional results. Get ready to slay with confidence - order your kit today!

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